Soundproofing Music Studios in Brighton

Soundproofing Music Studios in Brighton

Music Room Solutions

Introduction to Soundproofing Music Studios

Soundproofing a sound studio is a job for professionals. At Brighton Soundproofing we have a wealth of experience soundproofing music studios for professional and amateurs alike. If your sound studio is in a residential area, or dense commercial development then soundproofing is a must.

Brighton Soundproofing can take care of all your requirements, including doors, windows and even your electrics, including complete rewires. Everything you need to soundproof your new recording studio.

Sound Rooms

If you are a music lover, or a musician that plays at home, teaching or rehearsing, and you don’t want to bother your neighbours, then a soundproofed music room is for you.

Soundproofing a room, or outside studio, allows a music tutor to teach their students with peace of mind. At Brighton Soundproofing we have helped many musicians and artists, creating bespoke soundproofing solutions in rooms, studios and external structures such as garages.

We offer a complete design and install solution for any type of music studio or sound room.

Music Studio Soundproofing Sussex

Brighton Soundproofing Drum Studios

Have you ever wanted to be able to Play Drums , Listen or Record Music in your own music studio, without the worry about bothering your neighbours?

Are you a Music teacher and need a soundproofed enclosure to teach your clients or need  a space to Rehearse for that big Gig?

Brighton Soundproofing offer a full Design & Installation Service for converting almost any type of Outbuilding, Residential room or Commercial space into your very own Music Studio or Recording Studio.

  • BSP take care of removing old concrete bases and supply freshly installed bases
  • BSP take care of the timber frame build, GRP roofing, guttering, weatherproofing
  • BSP offer various levels of soundproofing
  • BSP care of all Ventilation & Heating
  • BSP install Vocal booths, Live rooms and Rehearsal Spaces
  • BSP take care of all Electrics — From adding a few points to a full Re-wire
  • BSP Manufacture our own Sound panels to acoustically treat the room
  • BSP Manufacture our own acoustic doors (35-37dB)
  • BSP supply bass traps and help with the layout of the acoustic treatment within your room

We at BSP have been installing soundproofed rooms and studios for 17 Years. We have helped many musicians and artist create the perfect working space.

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